Gorilla Ladder – For All Your Home Fixing Needs

Gorilla ladder is a company that manufactures a complete line of climbing equipment items. Gorilla ladders are available at home depot and other home improvement stores. They create awesome multi-position ladders that fold into 28 unique and incredible positions. Owning a gorilla ladder is one of the best investments a homeowner could ever make.

Since a gorilla ladder can be easily transitioned from one position the next you can utilize it in several settings. It can be used as extension ladders if you want to repaint your roof or do any housework outside of your house. You can also use it as a step ladder if you want to paint your walls and ceiling. At the same time, they can also be used as an A-frame and a scaffold.

They also have ladders that serve as hunter stands. These are specialty ladders that both hunters and photographers could use as they go about their work.

The best thing about gorilla ladders is that you avail a multitude of functions that is offered at a lower price. The prices range from $99-$100. It is a very small amount to pay for functionality, comfort, durability, quality and security.

These products are heavy-duty, strong and have durable locking hinge systems. The patented static hinge or locking system of Gorilla allows it to securely hold the ladder in place whatever position it is configured.

These ladders are made of the following materials:

As mentioned above, these products can be folded into 28 different positions and there are 6 different height options. You are at liberty to adjust the configuration. Other features of gorilla ladders include:

Slip-resistant steps and slip –resistant feed
These welded steps are sturdier and more durable than those of a one-size folding ladder

Extra wide flared base
The wide base and oversized feet adds to the stability of the ladder. This gives the users a sense of security and comfort.

Lifetime limited warranty
Aside from the product features stated above, Gorilla also offers a plethora of accessories that you can buy from their website or from the closest home improvement stores. These accessories include platforms, tool holders, trays, static hinge kits, ladder stabilizers and more.

The product does not only focus on comfort but primarily on the safety of their users. With traditional ladders, you are limited by their standard upright positions. So which one would you choose?

Ladders need not be flimsy and hard to use when you are engaging in some of those odd jobs and other special situations that require you to reach higher. A gorilla ladder allows you to do several things with just one tool. It’s probably the best multi-position ladder that you could have as it offers not just 1 but 28 different positions or configurations.

They can be used not just by homeowners or DIY individuals, but basically by all people who engages in all forms of house or building work.

With all the benefits that Gorilla offers, what more could you ask for?

Effective Tips For Ebay Selling Success

The basic idea of eBay selling works like typical brick and mortar shops where products and their corresponding prices along with important information are displayed. EBay selling, however, is more competitive since potential buyers get to access and compare all the products on the site. Thanks to intelligent searching systems, users get the chance to carefully do research among the different products of interest. What this means for the seller though is bottleneck competition, especially if the products being sold are hot items like the latest electronic gadgets.

To become a successful seller on eBay, one must find his own niche and focus on it. Building a niche on the selling site would mean specializing in a particular item category. Focusing on a particular product has the advantage of developing a more professional image to the buyer. For instance, buyers would intentionally visit a seller’s page that displays consistently themed items like used clothing or used items from the house if they are looking for those kinds of products.

Knowing what to sell on eBay is another important thing to consider. For instance, selling consumable items has the advantage of getting repeat business from satisfied buyers. These consumers would likely refer the product to other people and the product gets an online following.

After deciding on the kind of products to be sold, it is equally important to advertise effectively. Successful advertisements are captivating and informative. On eBay, advertisements are basically divided into two parts: headline and item description. Headlines contain concise information, usually between three and ten words. The maximum number of characters that can be posted in the headline is only up to 55 words. Item descriptions, on the other hand, expand on the features of the products. They must be complete and easy to read so that information is delivered to the potential buyer in the shortest span of time possible.

Online consumers want their transactions quick and easy. Sellers must learn the most efficient ways of transacting online. Use of online payment systems like PayPal is highly preferred among online buyers. If consumers send an email inquiring about the product, a relevant response must be prompt and directly to the point. Of course, choosing the most efficient and reliable courier service completes the buy-and-sell transaction.

Finally, success in eBay selling is dependent upon the number of consumers who learn to build loyalty around the seller and his products. Being credible by maintaining high feedback scores is very important. Whenever possible, offering unconditional money-back guarantees is a very good way to attract buyers and make them press that buy button.

Cheap At Home Microdermabrasion

With most of the big industries specializing in beauty and skin care products, coming up with different brands that could be easily done right at your very home has gone up. Hence, the beauty industries devised some marketing strategies in order to maintain the selling continuity of their products.

Coming up with microdermabrasion products and items that could be applied at home and making it available to beauty-product lovers at an affordable price have been the target of most industries. Home microdermabrasion has never come so trouble-free and simple.

Artemis Woman Home Microdermabrasion

The Artemis Woman Home Microdermabrasion method carefully and effectively clears away dull skin cells, diminishes the manifestation of fine lines and wrinkles, and cleanses pores to reveal dirt free, fresh, radiant skin. This product can be safely used easily right from your home.

For a regular price of $29.82, enjoy a luxurious home microdermabrasion with natural healing gem facial scrub that would surely enhance your beauty without leaving your residence. This product comes with a handheld battery-operated microdermabrasion unit which is 2AA battery-operated. Just take note that the batteries don’t come free when buying this product. You have to purchase it separately.

Also included with the handheld battery-operated facial scrubbing device are brush attachment intended for gentle exfoliation, sponge attachment for sensitive skin, massaging attachment to relieve facial tension, large pore cleaner, small pore cleaner and a 2.5 ounce bottle of clear Quartz Facial Scrub.

Artemis Woman Healing Gems Home Microdermabrasion

Artemis products are known to support the use of alternative medicines by using earthly minerals for spa-like treatment and healing. This product which is listed at a regular price of $29.99 will surely give you a radiant skin. At this price, you will not only enjoy having the spa feeling right from your very home but you also get the benefits of its package.

This healing gem fills the skin with pure essential oils while it is soothingly exfoliated with the fine granules of quartz and natural sugar crystals. Included in this product are the microdermabrasion exfoliating sponges, facial massager, brush attachments, a 2.5 ounce of healing crystal facial scrub jar and a large and small pore cleansers.

DermaFresh Home Microderm Abrasion Kit

This product comes so cheap that it is at only around $8.00 a kit, you will definitely get an amazing result of healthier, younger-looking skin without going through the process of appointments, travelling to spa houses and being run by chemicals and whatever laser devices your skin will experience.

Doing your spa treatment right from your very house gives you the secured feeling of pampering your skin using this DermaFresh Microderm Abrasion System. In just few minutes a day of ritual using this product, you can obtain refined skin. It will exfoliate and polish your skin, decrease fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pore size, and treat sun damaged skin using the product that contains grape seed extracts.

Easy beauty gadgets included in this very cheap wonder kit are DermaFresh wand, interchangeable exfoliating heads, lotion, instruction guide and, yes, a 30 day money back guarantee.

NeoStrata At-Home Microdermabrasion System

Surely everyone has their own scheduled beauty rituals done so routinely, but having NeoStrata included in your daily skin care treatment, you will the full benefit this product as it is infused antioxidants and micro crystals that would even out skin imperfection producing a glowing and fresh-looking skin.

This Neostrata At-Home Microdermabrasion System comes equipped with uncomplicated easy-to-do procedure. At $53.00, you get 10 treatments using this product.

In Which House Do You Want To Be Screwed?

There’s a house at 69 Moonlight Road, Mound House, Nevada. It’s called the BunnyRanch. There’s another house located in Washington, DC called the House of Representatives. You get screwed in both. What we will examine in this article are the pros and cons of spending your money in both of these houses so you can decide which of the options you prefer.

For you sheltered citizens, the BunnyRanch is a House of Prostitution. It has been in business for decades, which says a lot for its business model. Unless a business delivers a good product at a reasonable price, it does not stay around for long. Obviously the BunnyRanch is doing something right. Its operating procedure is simple. A citizen arrives at the door, knowing what he wants to buy. He probably already knows the prices of the various services so there is no need to compromise on either side. The people who work in the house also know what they are expected to do to deliver their services to the customer. Money is paid transparently and the service is delivered on the spot. The buyer is screwed in an expected way and leaves feeling that he has gotten his money’s worth. The most bang for his buck, so to speak.

Contrasting the model of capitalism at the BunnyRanch is the United States House of Representatives, where virtually nothing is as it seems and business is transacted by people called Congressmen or Congresswomen, using other people’s money, and rarely, if ever, leaving their customers with a sense that their screwing brought them any satisfaction at all. The amazing thing is that these congresspeople still have not figured out or even understand what it is that they are expected to do as far as servicing their customers, we, the American people. Unfortunately, this second house is still conducting business as usual, despite its flawed business model. Secrecy and lower moral standards than the girls at the BunnyRanch have, might be part of the answer to that question.

Much of the business transacted in the Washington House is done behind closed doors, so no one knows what is being done. If people knew, it is likely that they would fire their representatives, who are not representing them and are, more often than not, really representing themselves. The currency used in these undercover transactions is influence and power. Sometimes it is cash but cash can be traced, whereas influence can be disguised as a swan, when actually it is a pig. How else, other than influence peddling, can we explain the recent disgraceful performance by the Democrats in the United States House of Representatives when they passed the Obamacare health bill?

What happened to make a House representative change a strongly held position, in October, to a completely opposite one in March? If that change can be bought, does that put the buyer in the same category as the workers at the BunnyRanch? I’d say yes. Finding out why a change took place is almost impossible, though. It will rarely be explained in public, because it cannot stand exposure. It is usually commented on by the Representative as, “Although I still maintain my previously held personal opinion, upon further consideration I find that voting yes (or no) on this bill would be in the best interests of my constituents.” This is total horse doody, which becomes apparent when that representative mysteriously gets a committee chairmanship that he is not qualified for, or a bridge gets built in his home district that insures his re-election, or simply a cash infusion into his/her reelection campaign bank account.

Prostitution is not necessarily a sex act. It is one in which a person exchanges or compromises a part of his or her morality, principles or beliefs for personal monetary or other type of gain. The definition sticks. The only thing to be determined is the price.

If you have nothing else in your life that takes up your time, you might make a list of every Democrat congressperson who switched votes on the Obama Health Care bill, and see if there are any unexplainable changes in their professional lives. From where did that promotion to chairman come, or appointment to that cherished committee? Or ambassadorship to a sunny clime? That’ll establish the price at which they were bought, and you can put a P next to that name.

Burgess Propane Insect Fogger – The Best Insect Fogger Product

Do you have to constantly struggle with swarms of insects around the outside of your house? Perhaps your trying to grow a garden of some sort and the insects keep destroying and eating away at it? Don’t worry, there actually is a solution! A Burgess propane insect fogger emits a toxic fog into the air that kills all sorts of insects, ranging from cockroaches, fleas, and all sorts of flying insects. Not only this, but a propane insect fogger can often keep an area insect free even for a significant period of time after you have used it! If you have any interest in purchasing an insect fogger, there are some top products that you should be aware of! Also, If you purchase a Burgess propane insect fogger, don’t forget fogging fuel!

In all seriousness, there’s no need to look any further than the Burgess Propane insect fogger. They are the top brand in this area, and without a doubt hold the best customer reviews on amazon. Many customers reported that using a Burgess propane insect fogger to take care of the mosquitoes around their house not only took care of the problem immediately, but it also had a long sustaining affect on the area around their house.

One of the other main reasons that people decide to purchase an insect fogger is because it is often a low cost alternative to expensive pest control services! We all know how much those can cost. However, before jumping to any conclusions be sure to do a little research. For example, depending on the size of the area you are trying to fog, one fogger might not be enough! So the cost of taking this route needs to be analyzed further before making a decision.

On the plus side, being able to fully enjoy your yard or garden again is reason enough to pick up a Burgess propane insect fogger. If you’ve ever managed a garden before only to have it destroyed, you know just how important one of these items could be! Just be sure to read the instructions and follow all safety guild lines. Don’t breath in the fog, whatever you do! If it terminates insects instantly then you’re going to have serious problems if you inhale it. Use a little common sense and take the steps necessary to ensure you own safety before using a product like this.

Lastly, be aware that a Burgess propane insect fogger can produce a flammable fog. If you intend to use this indoors rather than outdoors, be sure to take the necessary acts to ensure safe use. It is theoretically possible for one of these products to produce an explosion if used inside a building that is not properly vented and contains a flame of some sort, such as a pilot light for example.

Princess Dreamland Bounce House Product Review

The Princess Dreamland bounce house from Blast Zone Inflatables is considered a residential or kids bouncer. This means this inflatable is intended for use of kids under the age of 12 that weigh under 100 lbs each. The manufacture has rated this castle for up to three users at once as long as they fit the above guidelines. This bouncer is based off of Blast Zones most popular bounce house, the Magic Castle. The Magic Castle and the Princess Dreamland are identical dimensions and construction. The only difference is the color theme. The Magic Castle is gender neutral while the Princess Dreamland’s pink and purple theme is the envy of all princesses.

The outer dimensions of the Princess Dreamland is 8.5′ W x 11′ L. Essential it is an 8.5′ x 8.5′ bouncer that has a 3′ x 3′ slide entry to all easier access to the inside. The inner bounce are is approximately 7′ x 7′. This is a nice size area to entertain 3 children at a time. The entire inflatable is enclosed with a safety netting. At the entrance way, the safety netting has a picture of a princess and her castle. Also at the entry way, the safety netting has a floor to ceiling velcro door to allow kids easy entrance and exit from the unit.

Like all Blast Zone inflatables, this bouncer was designed to the highest level of quality and construction. With commercial vinyl as the bounce floor, this unit will outlast the competition. The manufacture also uses a technique called X Weave, which allows this bouncer to be lighter, yet more durable. While many home use kid bouncers come with a 30 day manufacture warranty, this bounce house comes with a 90 day warranty.

Overall, the Princess Dreamland is ideal for the princess in your life. She will enjoy bouncing and make believe for hours at a time.

Jen is a freelance writer. For more information on Princess Dreamland or any other Bounce House, please visit BounceHousesNow.com.

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Misty Kingdom Bounce House Product Review

Confused on what bounce house to buy your kids? Want a bouncer with a little bit of everything? Look no further. The Misty Kingdom by Blast Zone is a bounce house, slide, ball pit and water park all in one. This is truly a one stop fun house for kids. This bounce house arrived in one box weighing just under 100 lbs. The bouncer itself weighed approximately 80 lbs.

The Misty Kingdom takes less then five minute to set up. Because it weighs 80 lbs., I put the jumper in our wagon and wheeled it out to the backyard. With the help of my son, the Misty rolled out like a sleeping bag. Once we attached the blower and tied off the second inflation tube he turned the power on. In under a minute he was jumping. Initially, I left off the water housing because of the weather. I will comment on that this coming spring. Along with the bounce house, I purchased 300 balls per the recommendation of a customer sales rep. 300 balls seemed perfect to fill up the ball pit.

Withing 10 minutes of inflating the Misty Kingdom, we had all of the neighborhood kids over. They loved it. The kids would climb up the ramp entry into the bouncer and the fun began. After a couple of jumps they would climb up the ladder to the top of the slide. The ladder was easy for kids of all ages to get up. The ladder is made out of squares that they can put there feet on. While the slide is not long, it has a good enough pitch that the kids could get some speed down it and then into the ball pit. The ball pit was definitely a better attraction for the younger kids but definitely used by all.

Overall I would give this combination bounce house an A+. It is suitable for kids 3 and up that way under 100lbs. each. This jumper is rated by the manufacture for up to five kids. Here are the technical specs of the Misty Kingdom by Blast Zone:

Dimensions – 13′ W x 14′ L x 9′ H
Bounce Floor Dimensions – 9’W x 7’L
Slide Dimensions – 6’W x 6’L
Unit Weight without Blower – 50 lbs
Carrying Case
Balls not included (300 recommend)
Includes – Blower, Stakes, and Patch Kit
Number of Bouncers – 1-3 Kids
Weight Capacity – 300 lbs
Indoor and Outdoor Use
Not for Commercial Use
Bouncer – 90 days free of defects in materials and workmanship
Blower – 1 year free of manufacturing defects

Jennifer is freelance copywriter. For more information on the Misty Kingdom or other Bounce Houses by Blast Zone, visit BounceHousesNow.com.

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Choose Chemical Manufacturers When Improving Formulations of Existing In-House Products

Contracting to chemical manufacturers in the UK makes sense when you want to test new or improved product formulations without halting manufacturing on other products. In addition, the outsource option offers new start-up firms the opportunity to keep costs down while creating new product lines. Of course, when you do not have the capability to do certain processes such as polymerisation, contract manufacturers can step in and help.

Choosing a toll manufacturing collaborator will definitely benefit your financial bottom line. Besides the obvious reason of not halting your current production lines and losing money, you reduce your risk overall. You do not have to train current or new employees on new chemical work. Plus, the contract manufacturer assumes the risk for any new processes as well as wear and tear on equipment.

Continuous Improvements and Optimisation of Chemical Processes

The great news about hiring one of the chemical manufacturers in the UK is that you can create small batches to perfect a specific formula, polymerisation process or some other chemical work. Once the initial laboratory-sized trial is green lighted through pilot plant trials, you can then start full scale production while keeping costs to a minimum.

By contracting certain chemical work out like polymerisation, you will be able to take advantage of the scientists’ expertise in their laboratory to ensure the quality of your product. In addition, the ability to handle raw materials that may have slightly different properties from season to season is a necessity. A manufacturer that is well-versed in certain chemicals and processes will know how to handle any inconsistencies.

Benefits of Contracting

Choosing a chemical contractor is a big step but often necessary to pull ahead of the competition in your industry, especially if your own facilities are tied up with current, profitable product manufacturing. Your company ends up saving big money because there is no purchasing of extra equipment and no extra space to store raw materials in bulk. Having an outsourced chemical provider to handle these things lowers the ultimate manufacturing costs.

Product development, contract manufacturing, process development, analysis and materials storage are excellent qualities for chemical manufacturers in the UK to have. When you interview the candidates to choose a preferred provider, keep these aspects in mind. In addition, customer service and a long history of happy clients should be considered as well. If you can find all of these qualities in a chemical provider, you can be sure to speed up your new product development and manufacturing process.

Learn more about http://www.witton.com, recognised UK chemical manufacturers. UK businesses have been using Witton’s chemical manufacturing and supply services since 1962.

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The 3 Best Going Green House Products That Get the Job Done Now

The status of our environment has made consumers become more conscious of the products they purchase. Instead of cleaning products filled with chemicals, smart consumers now opt for going green house products that are safer and earth-friendly. Adding green products on your shopping list gives you numerous benefits including more savings. Here are a few of the best green products that you can use to clean your home.

One of the companies that have top-quality going green house products for cleaning is Clean Solutions. They have an alternative cleaning solution called the HydrOxi Pro which can be used for all your cleaning needs. This product is a much safer green alternative to the standard toxic cleaning products normally used. The quart size starter kit costs $26.50 and already includes: 2 sprayers, measuring aid, a quart of HydrOxi Pro and a microfiber cloth. A quart of the concentrate can fill around 130 spray bottles. The concentrate is made of natural ingredients like orange oil and surfactants that easily penetrates soil and eliminates it. This product also carries the Green Seal certified logo, which guarantees it is free from toxic chemicals and safe to use.

Green living has numerous benefits to offer a household. Your indoor air quality will dramatically improve while at the same you are also able to help out the environment. Eliminating rusts from bathtubs, toilets and kitchen sinks is one of the hardest things to do. Most people resort to using industrial strength cleaners filled with harmful chemicals to do this but going green house products like the CLR Calcium, Lime and Rust Remover can also do the job. This product is made of powerful but organic ingredients that get rid of rust stains and calcium deposits. It is safe to use around kids and pets as it doesn’t contain any phosphates, bleach or ammonia which are harmful and can trigger certain allergies to act out. A 28 oz. bottle costs $7.99 at Walgreens.

Carpets can also be tough to clean. A lot of people do steam cleaning in carpets to ensure effective cleaning. The Bissell Little Green Proheat Carpet Cleaner model # 1425B is on sale at Amazon for $99. It is very compact and only weighs about 15 lbs. The dimensions are 19.1 x 13.9 x 10.1 in. It features a wet vacuum that does deep carpet cleaning and a spray and suction system for quick drying. The product makes use of hot water and a cleaning agent to remove dirt buried deep in carpets. It comes with a built-in hose, a tough stain tool and a rotating TurboBrush for easier spot cleaning. Like other going green house products steam cleaners, this one also still requires the use of electricity but do away with using hazardous chemicals. Instead of using chemicals and suds, it uses hot steam to reach stains and loosens debris and dirt. Aside from carpets, it can also be used to clean car seats, upholstery and many more.

Going green house products are becoming the more preferred cleaning method in households. When you have your loved ones living with you at home, it is important to create a safe environment around them. Using chemically filled cleaners can produce a very harmful indoor environment that you don’t want your kids to be in.

Fay Salmons writes about going green house products at www.greatgreenreport.com [http://www.greatgreenreport.com]

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